Who We Are

‘When the quest for perfection and to be the best is perpetual, nothing’s quite out of reach’

BORN TO BE DIFFERENT. ‘Resist the usual’

From Lagos, the city that never sleeps, comes a brand that is truly at home staying awake and working after-hours, to help make the dreams of people come true.
Born only in creative hours of January, 2013, with the remit to provide expertise the world can build on, in Building Construction, Civil Engineering , Road Construction, Real Estate and Consulting, the good company that skipped crawling and grew into the game to rub shoulders with the leading lights in the industry, has since made its mark on all the fields it competes with distinction , while never taking its eyes off the ball; for to do so is to lose ground, gained through the years.
We work with perfect well-tuned understanding that true inspiration and the best ideas, that benefit humanity overall, seldom keep office-hours: they go beyond sunrise to sunset motion.

Just as well: it’s in our character at Smidstruct to burn the midnight energy, so our client and the world can enjoy the light of innovation that helps build the world that works for all.

Smidstruct believes with the great Jan Phillip that: ‘There is someone out there who needs you. You must live your life so that that person can find you.’

Smidstruct has struck all the right notes, in all the right quarters, as a richly-endowed company, expert-wise, in delivering tailor-made creative solutions in civil engineering, building, and construction, architecture to an exciting spectrum of clients across board that transcends regions, disciplines, cultures and frontiers.

Though small in size, we more than compensate for that in so many revealing ways with our now better- appreciated priceless ‘asset’, which includes, round-the-clock nimbleness of mind, sharp turn of speed and awesome ability to respond to clients brief with the speed of thought and contagious ability to think on our feet to perform feats that may still keep others in a daze. We allow our dreamer-achievers to soar beyond far into the horizon; wherever their imagination takes them so far as they can acquire the expertise the world can build on. When everything-and-everybody thinks, you can outthink the competition to the advantage of your clients.
In the incomparable words of a sage from another age: ‘we all have the extraordinary coded within us-waiting to be released.’

There is more to music than notes on a score. And there is more to engineering, building architecture and construction than bricks, mortars wheels and tools.

It’s not just business. It’s personal.
For when it comes to delivering ‘tiers’ of joy to the different levels of our discerning clients, we are not just all business, but we take the pleasure we give at every transaction, personal.

It’s time for an all-round expert. Together let’s build a world that works for all Smidstruct…Out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary.